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16 Aug 2022 : Club condemns smokebomb incidents at season opener

Regrettably, at the first match after we announced and joined an FA campaign to eradicate illegal activities and anti-social behaviour at football matches nationwide, smoke bombs were let off on Saturday when we entertained Widnes in our season opener.

The match referee has included the happenings in his official report.

The release of smoke bombs is completely unacceptable and against the stadium regulations.

Efforts were made at the time to identify the culprits. These were unsuccessful due to the nature of the incidents.

We have since received correspondence from the Northern Premier League, asking the club what measures will be taken to guard against any repeat.

As a consequence, and through the senseless and selflish actions of a small minority of "supporters", we will now be spending a considerable sum of money on increasing matchday security.

The weekend occurrence isn't isolated, unfortunately,

A flare lit by one of our followers at last season's NPL play-off semi-final was dropped on to the Leek Town pitch, considerably damaging the artificial surface and leaving Runcorn Linnets to foot the bill.

This was and is money that the club can ill afford and would much prefer to spend on funding the team and improving facilities.

It is particularly disappointing that we are having to act by upgrading security at a time when the dangers of pyrotechnics have been highlighted, as part of the FA campaign, on our website and social media feeds - with a clear message that their presence inside the ground is against the law.

We are in the unfortunate position of having to reissue that message and reiterate that the use of fireworks, flares and smoke bombs is strictly prohibited.

A professional security team will now be employed at future games.

Anyone found to be bringing any kind of illegal objects into the ground will be reported to the Police and issued with a lifetime ban from APEC Taxis Stadium.

The safety and comfort of all spectators are imperative and we will not hesitate to take action against anyone acting illegally on club premises.

12 Aug 2022 : Extra bar is licensed to take the strain off clubhouse

Runcorn Linnets will be operating a second service point for the sale of alcoholic ďrinks at home matches this season in a bid to reduce queueing and waiting times at the Clubhouse Bar.

The club intends to use a caravan for this purpose as we investigate and plan for a longer-term solution.

However, there is still work to be done to make the van ready for use.

So, for the meantime, a temporary bar will run from inside the club shop (behind the goal at the Clubhouse End).

This will sell a range of cans, including Madri, Peroni, Guinness and Koppaberg, poured at source into disposable "glasses".

Club chairman Peter Cartledge said: "We have acted on feedback from our fans, who have asked for arrangements to be put in place to ease pressure on the main bar inside the clubhouse.

"At the same time, we have have to be mindful of longer-term plans to improve our overall facilities and the financial requirements of such projects.

"The Board felt that use of the caravan will offer a workable and cost-effective  solution to our immediate needs and importantly, won't interfere or conflict with any future plans to create an additional permanent bar at the stadium.

"There is quite a lot of work involved to convert the caravan into a temporary bar and we haven't quite been able to get the project over the line for the opening match.

"But once complete, the Caravan Bar will help with the problems encountered by our customers and staff due to the high matchday demands on the ever-popular Clubhouse Bar at its busiest times.

"Our fans will surely be pleased to know that we will be serving Madri on draught from the caravan so it will be worth the short wait!"

12 Aug 2022 : Runcorn Linnets tackle antisocial and criminal behaviour ahead of new season

Runcorn Linnets are supporting an all-game approach to ensure that every football fan feels safe attending matches.

As we commence the new season, we're backing the introduction of strong  measures across football to tackle antisocial and criminal behaviours within football grounds.

    These include:

  • Entering  the pitch without permission

  • Carrying  or using smoke bombs or pyrotechnics

  • Throwing objects on to the pitch

  • Discriminatory behaviour

  • Taking drugs.

All of these actions are illegal, dangerous and have no place in our game.

For everyone's safety, all clubs will report anyone carrying out these offences to the police.

Prosecution by the police can result in a permanent criminal record, which could affect your employment and education, and in some cases, result in a prison sentence.

Anyone who enters the pitch without permission or uses smoke bombs or pyros will now receive an automatic club ban.

This could also now apply to the parents or guardians of children involved in these activities.

These measures reflect the seriousness  of the risks to fans, volunteers and staff – pyros can burn at 2,000 degrees Celsius and can cause life-changing injuries, burns and potentially fatal asthma attacks.

Entering the pitch endangers everyone because it's impossible to tell  the difference between a celebrating fan and a violent attacker.

That is why the pitch must remain a safe space for players, and the stands for supporters.

Peter Cartledge, chairman of Runcorn Linnets, said: "We all have a part to play in making sure everyone feels safe on matchdays - from parents taking their children to their first game, and older fans, who have been attending for decades, to the players, stewards and our volunteers who make the matches happen.

"We will not tolerate any antisocial behaviour at APEC Taxis Stadium and will continue to work closely with the Police and our security partners as we continue to promote a welcoming environment within our club."

Josh Christian, Trust Board member and Linnets in the Community manager, said: "We have worked very hard to generate a convivial atmosphere at our games.

"It would be criminal if all our endeavours were to be put at risk by the illegal activities we have seen creep back into the game at all levels.

"The campaign being launched by the FA is not to spoil supporters' enjoyment - on the contrary, it is to ensure that fans continue to enjoy watching live football in safety."

Josh added: "We offer plenty of opportunities for the young fans to engage with the players either by being a matchday mascot or after games in the clubhouse so It is not necessary for them to enter the field at the final whistle.

"If any of our younger fans would like to be a mascot or have an autograph/photo opportunity, please come and see me and we will do our best to accommodate the request."

Manager Dave Wild said: "We are all passionate about our team. But it is important that we channel this passion in the right way, act in the best interest of the game and ensure that everyone attending our games has a safe and enjoyable experience and looks forward to returning.

"We eally value our supporters and absolutely love to hear them getting behind us from the sidelines but the playing area is most definitely the domain of players and officials."

This season, Runcorn Linnets is supporting the FA, National League System Clubs and Leagues and the Football Supporters Association to make  football a safer and more welcoming  environment, by cracking down on dangerous behaviour that can put fans,  players, staff and match officials at risk.

We ask our supporters to come together to show that those, who commit these illegal acts, do not represent the majority of supporters.


09 Aug 2022 : Runcorn Linnets announce new partnership with Kaizen

Runcorn Linnets are teaming up with the Pitching In NPL's official ticketing partner Kaizen for the 2022-23 campaign.

As part of this partnership, Kaizen are processing season tickets and will sell advance online tickets for individual games at APEC Taxis Stadium.

Season Tickets

Season ticket holders will receive a card to gain entry to games in a quick, secure and convenient manner. Cards will from now on be scanned at the main turnstile (Turnstile One) closest to the clubhouse.

If you are interested in purchasing a season ticket for the coming season, due to time constraints, please contact Paul Riley on 07525 261623 before Friday 12 August to ensure access to the Widnes game. In future, season tickets will be available online via the Kaizen system or via the club.

    Season ticket prices are:

  • £150 - Adults
  • £100 - Concessions (19-22 and 65+)
  • £15 - Junior Matchday Membership (18 and under) This Includes entry to all home league games, a free club scarf and priority for any all-ticket matches.
Individual Match Tickets

While pay at the turnstile will still be available for most games, individual match tickets for each home league and cup game will be available for purchase online through Kaizen. With the possibility of at least one all-ticket game (Macclesfield), we wanted to be prepared for all eventualities and after considering several options, concluded that the link-up with Kaizen is the best way of doing this.

Further instructions will be sent prior to any all-ticket games.

To purchase advance tickets for an individual match, fans will need to register with Kaizen. This is a simple, safe and secure process.

Online Kaizen Account

If you have already purchased a season ticket, a Kaizen account has been created for you and you should receive an email on Wednesday inviting you to validate your account.

To validate your account, please follow this process:

  • 1) Press the 'Activate' button on the email.
  • 2) Set up your personal password on the second line.
  • 3) Check that your personal details are correct and add or delete as desired.
  • 4) Mailing preferences are currently set so that you will not be contacted by anybody. Please amend this as appropriate if you wish.
  • 5) Save changes.
  • However, if you do not wish to validate your account, simply ignore this email.

    If you need help with this process, please call Bren Connolly on 07808 584481.

    Should you wish to create a Kaizen account, please follow this link and press on 'Register' in the top right corner.

    Priority for all-ticket games

    Season ticket holders, Trust members and Junior Matchday members will receive priority for any all-ticket games before they go on general sale.

    About Kaizen

    Kaizen have been working with non-league clubs since 2015 and all transactions between Kaizen, the club and its supporters are fully compliant with GDPR legislation relating to data protection.

    Marine have been using Kaizen for some time - selling their ticket allocation for last season's NPL West Play-off Final through the company - and were happy to recommend their services. We thank Marine and particularly chairman, Paul Leary, for their help and advice.

    01 Aug 2022 : Rhain Hellawell heads out of APEC Taxis Stadium for pastures new

    Rhain Hellawell is moving on from Runcorn Linnets for a new challenge.

    The winger returned for pre-season with the club but has decided that his future lies elsewhere.

    Signed for 2021-22, he showed plenty of promise, despite his first season at the club being truncated by injury.

    Rhain made 16 appearances for the Linnets, scoring twice.

    Runcorn boss Dave Wild said: "Rhain has decided to go for pastures new.

    "He just moving on to a new challenge after a difficult period of football due to his injuries etc last season."

    The club thanks Rhain for his contribution and wishes him well for the future.

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